My name is Alejandro Paz, and I'm a storyteller, strategist, and project manager living in Brooklyn, NY. 

I love building brands and programs that help with an overall mission. Here are some of the ways I've done so:
Writer / Illustrator
A semi-autobiographical comics series following the adventures of Chorizo, pro-wrestling pig, on his journey from a nobody in Fight City to an attempt at becoming the city's next champion. He's a grumpy pig with a big heart, a heart he wears on his fist.
I distribute Chorizo for free using both web and social platforms in order to remove as many barriers to entry as possible, with the goal of pursuing animation and bigger stories in the future. 
Hyena Studio
Founder / Creative Director
Hyena Studio is a design studio focusing on producing high quality websites both quickly and at a low cost. I wanted to build something to help small businesses grow without having to break the bank, and assist in overall creative strategy when possible.
Hyena Network
Founder / Creative Director
Hyena Network is a network of creative talent from all over the world, with roots in both Portland, OR and the New York City area. This was built to connect all of the creative people that I know in my life, developing collaborations with business owners and content producers that would not normally interact. 
Project Manager / Regional Lead of Product Solutions

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